About BNC

Hi! Welcome to the Bad Nerd Cooking website! The Twitch channel is a mix between me (Kie!) cooking up something simple and delicious during the weekly cook-alongs or streaming games and loving it. Sometimes I’m joined by my husband, Monsieur_Business (or Mr. B) to play strange dating games.

That barking you hear is our dog Nova and the meowing could be any of our four cats. 🐶😻😻😻😻

I’ve been into video games, board games, and card games since I was kid. I love going over lore and thinking about the world the characters live in. I prefer to complete games once we start them on stream. I’m excited to share my love of stories and building with you!

I post my videos to YouTube so no matter the audience I try to keep chatting and keep it interesting. That also means any missed streams can be seen there within a few days!

Find BNC across social media at