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Minecraft Mods:

I used this YouTube video has a jumping off point for installing the programs required to get the mods working in the first place. I had issues installing Forge and this video really helped me.

All of the mods I am using come from CurseForge. It seems like a trustworthy site for downloading things and it’s laid out well. The search function leaves something to be desired. To find mods I had heard about or seen in YouTube videos I had to Google “[mod name] curse forge” to find the page. It’s clunky but it was faster.

I don’t know if I’ll add more mods in the future but right now I’ve settled on:

Mr.Crayfish Furniture Mod
XL Food Mod
Swamp Expansion
Quark (and the mod it requires to work AutoRegLib)
Macaw’s Windows
Macaw’s Roofs
Macaw’s Bridges
Just Enough Items
GraveStone Mod
Engineer’s Decor
Biomes O’Plenty
Better Advancements
Aquaculture 2
OpenBlocks Elevator

Many of the mods such as Mr.Crayfish and Macaw’s have websites to go with them but JEI really helps with sorting all the added items from mods.

Navigating the Website

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